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‘Asian Ranch’ From Season 2 of ‘Fixer Upper’ Lands on Market for $740K

‘Asian Ranch’ From Season 2 of ‘Fixer Upper’ Lands on Market for $740K

Can a “Fixer Upper” renovation from Chip and Joanna Gaines almost triple the worthiness of a house? We are planning to discover, since the ” Asian Ranch”-turned-French nation farmhouse from Season 2 simply landed available on the market for $739,900.

In Episode 13 of this show’s 2nd period, Chip found the Reed family members a 4,235-square-foot ranch in Waco, TX, for $262,200. Considering that the family members’ all-in spending plan ended up being about $450,000, that left Chip and Jo by having a “generous” renovation budget of around $190,000. Cue the sledgehammer!

With abundant funds during the prepared for the renovation, the “Fixer Upper” group was in a position to “completely transform” the home, initially built in 1963.

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The very first thing they did had been open the main living area, therefore now the formal living area, dining room, family area, and kitchen area are ready to accept each other.