PantryOn Intelligent Pantry Appliance Adoola Package, 24 Items managed


PantryOn Adoola Package : Adoola is a package of intelligent shelves containing one Bruno, and two additional shelves for common pantry items. The shelves are approximately 28” long and 12” wide each. This package requires an AC outlet, and home WiFi.. Adoola package provides users with up to 24 sensors to monitor and manage 24 items. More common pantry items shelf (6 sensors) may be added to this package. More packages may be added to the household  for more complete automated grocery management. Start with one, add more later. Shelves must be connected within 6 feet of each other (both shelves are tethered together using extension cable supplied with the package). Longer extension cables are available if needed, up to 100 feet each.

Companion mobile apps for iOS and Android based mobile devices are available for download.

Product will ship to customers by end of May 2020. All shipments will take place on first-come-first-serve-basis.

Final product may not look exactly the same as that in the provided image.

Patent Pending