PantryOn Intelligent Pantry Appliance Model Bruno, 12 Items managed


PantryOn “Bruno”: Bruno is an intelligent shelf for fast moving items. The shelf is approximately 30” long and 12” wide. It needs one power plug near by, and home WiFi (wireless) in order to function properly. Bruno provides users with up to 12 sensor to monitor and manage 12 different items. It is a great starter package for a couple or a small family. Up to three more shelves for common pantry items may be added to Bruno. Many packages may be added to the household, now or later, for more complete automated grocery management.

Companion mobile apps for iOS and Android based mobile devices are available for download.

Final product may not look exactly the same as that in the provided image.

Product will ship to customers by end of Mary 2020. All shipments will take place on first-come-first-serve-basis.

Patent Pending