PantryOn Way

Are you tired of realizing that you didn’t have those cans of beans that you thought you had after your trip to the grocery store?

Are you tired of multiple trips to the grocery store after a long day at work?

Are you fed up with running out of your most important household items and products?

According to the Food Marketing Institute, shoppers hit the supermarket an average of 1.5 times per week, and over 40% go to more than one store to get all the things they need.

We are the solution. 

PanrtryOn is the first of its kind household inventory manager and shopping concierge. 

Our Proprietary app enabled smart shelves allow users to monitor frequently consumed household items straight from their mobile device, anywhere in the world. 

The PantryOn system uses weight monitoring technology to let its user know exactly how much of an item they have in their pantry, and automatically creates a shopping list of all items that are needed to be purchased.

Take your pantry to the next level of SMART with PanryOn!


your grocery list is populated automatically.

Peace of mind knowing you will never

run out of what you need.

Simplicity 15 minutes

to install and setup system.

Savings and sustainability wrapped

in one package. An average family of 4

in the US spends $1600 annually

on wasted food ending up in landfills.

Making life easier; Why rush home ...

check your pantry .. go grocery shopping?

Just go shopping.

Confidence you’re at the

absolute cutting edge of technology.

Scalability, Start with

one PantryOn appliance add more later.