PantryOn “Frio” (coming soon)

PantryOn “Frio” (coming soon)

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Frio is an aftermarket intelligent Refrigerator shelf designed to manage inventory of refrigerated items of your choice such as Milk, Juices, Eggs, Cheese Yogurt, etc... Up to 6 items may be monitored on each shelf. The shelf is approximately 14” long and 11.5” wide. Frio is the newest addition to the PantryOn family and is monitored using the same PantryOn app. No need to switch apps. Frio is a stand alone shelf that fits conformably inside most refrigerator shelves. Start with one shelf add more as you go.

Companion mobile apps for iOS and Android based mobile devices are available for download.

Final product may not look exactly the same as that in the provided image.



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